Saturday, October 1, 2011

Free Maybelline Lipgloss

I know this is kinda old, I posted it before but then I thought it didn't work so I deleted it. Now I realise it does work! So this for those that don't yet have it! :)

►Free Maybelline Lipgloss
-If you live in UK - Log in and Visit campaign HERE
-If you don't live in UK Follow these steps:
Go to UK proxy like
2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxy site
3)Click Go OR just Hit Enter
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now in the proxies URL/Address Paste campaign link
And Click Enter/Go and Wait till page starts to load
You will be redirected to a Facebook Maybelline page
Leave it and the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual 
Lipgloss should be in a Maybelline bag in your Beauty Parlour! :)


                                        Thank you to HTGF for finding this out!
1) There is some bad news that I also have to break to you. Free items play a big part here on How to get free items on Stardoll and when freebies with manual proxies are posted, many people say they prefer web proxies and don't use manual proxies. Sorry to say this but it looks like, you'll HAVE to use them!

You can no longer use the web proxies because when you change the link to the finish link the stardoll staff have stopped it from working. I just tested a few for myself and it wouldn't work! Maybe we could all persuade the staff to change this rule back by sending them a message by clicking HERE. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the box. All messages have to be written in proper English, (So NO u, yr, btw etc) If stardoll reply they will send the message to your inbox. A good idea would to send a message from ALL of your accounts whether you use them or not. (If you have any!) Let's spread the message!

2) The free stuff writer for this blog has quit as he has no more time for stardoll and finding out about free stuff! :( SO SAD! If anyone knows how to do it, can they please say so in the comments section. Until a new writer is found, MOSTLY only free stuff that is available to ALL or just for AUSTRALIA will only be posted! I know it's very sad! :(

Free Jessie Cowboy Boots

Sorry I posted this a day late, but you CAN still get it. I only got it today! :)


►Free Jessie Cowboy Boots
-If you live in USA, Log in and Visit campaign by clicking HERE
-If you don't live in USA, Follow these steps -

1)Go to USA proxy site like: OR OR OR
2)Paste campaign link in the blank box of the proxy site
3)Click GO or Hit Enter
4)Log in stardoll, Wait till page loads again
Boots should be in a Jessie bag in your suite! :)

If you haven't gotten the vanity bag yet, it should also be in a Jessie bag in your suite! (A same or different one, I'm not sure!)
If you haven't gotten the t-shirt yet, scroll down and do the quiz until a character pops up. If not, do the quiz again! I personally only got it the second time :)

Free Pink Ribbon

►Free Pink Ribbon
1) Log in and go to Starplaza
2) Go to the New section and it should be on the 1st page
3) Buy it for 0 sd
Go to the calendar and open the door by clicking HERE
Ribbon should be by itself in your first room! :)
(Sorry I couldn't get a link! I will get one ASAP! :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW Pink Ribbon Calendar

 ► New Pink Ribbon Calendar
It's now October which means it's the Breast Cancer campaign month. Stardoll have released a Pink Ribbon Calendar, which will have something new each day, just like the Ramadan and Mortal Kiss calendar's!

Visit the calendar by clicking HERE